Make Ubuntu remember the applications you had open when you last logged out

On September 1, 2009, in APPLICATIONS, log out, remember, by Dipin Krishna

Start from wherever you left off You can make Ubuntu remember the applications you had open when you last logged out, so that when you log back in again you’ll find all those applications running and you can resume right from where you left off. To achieve this go to System > Preferences > Startup […]


Create launcher for applications operating through the terminal

On July 28, 2009, in APPLICATIONS, create, launcher, terminal, by Dipin Krishna

Here we have created a launcher for applications, operating through the terminal, this may disadvantage those who wish to launch or create links to these applications.To do this follow these three steps: 1. Create a launcher with the terminal of our choice:For example, my favorite is terminal Xterm and I run Moc:The command would look […]


Limiting the CPU usage of applications on Linux (ubuntu, debian, fedora etc.)

On July 21, 2009, in APPLICATIONS, CPU usage, limit, linux, by Dipin Krishna

Monitor the CPU usage of applications that we use, it is recommended if you need to maintain a good performance on your system, sometimes in our system we have applications that should not stop working and we need some free resources on your computer for them. Linux can prevent other applications to consume these resources […]


GNOME 3.0 with more applications made in Mono

On July 1, 2009, in APPLICATIONS, GNOME 3.0, Mono, by Dipin Krishna

And along with the controversy found with Mono. Richard Stallman, a member of the GNOME Foundation, has said that GNOME 3.0 will include more applications made with Mono: “The only application that Mono is now part of the whole launch is Tomboy GNOME desktop. Mono applications are popular among users of GNOME, including F-Spot, Banshee […]



On November 12, 2008, in APPLICATIONS, DOS, DOSBOX, GAMES, linux, run, ubuntu, by Dipin Krishna

DOSBOX RUN DOS APPLICATIONS AND GAMES IN UBUNTU LINUX sudo apt-get install dosbox(Your can use Synaptic Package Manager and search for dosbox) After Installation you can make a folder xxxxx in your home directory(eg: $mkdir mydos) copy your favorite dos programs and games like Turboc, dave, digger etc in this directory Now you can run […]