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Blog Create launcher for applications operating through the terminal

Create launcher for applications operating through the terminal

Here we have created a launcher for applications, operating through the terminal, this may disadvantage those who wish to launch or create links to these applications.
To do this follow these three steps:

1. Create a launcher with the terminal of our choice:
For example, my favorite is terminal Xterm and I run Moc:
The command would look like this:
xterm -e mocp
Here are a list of terminal emulators for you to use:

gnome-terminal -x mocp
sakura -e mocp
konsole -e mocp
xterm +u8 -e mocp

2. Create a script:.
Open a new file with our favorite text editor and put the following:

xterm -e mocp

Save the file and then give it execute permissions:

# chmod +x filename

3. Create a hotkey for the program:
This depends on the program or environment that are using (can be in gnome, kde, Openbox) or any program(for that as xbindkeys)

I hope you can use them now.

1 thought on “Create launcher for applications operating through the terminal”

  1. Was wondering. I just install a terminal base application called r2net or logictran in linux, but the problem is that I need to open the terminal to run it. Do you know of a batch file that I can use to make it into a launcher instead. I usually go to the path folder where r2net is located type "r2netcmd" in the terminal and then put the name of the file to convert. I which it would just pop out something say name of file to convert and location. But maybe that is too much to ask.

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