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Blog FSlint – Clean and organize your Linux

FSlint – Clean and organize your Linux

By the time now, we all know that all applications installed on our PC are slowly filling our system with files, then comes a time when controlling everything in our computer becomes virtually impossible. If you want your computer to be running like the first day you had it. Put FSlint the task of cleaning and organizing your Linux very easy.
Thanks to the implementation of FSlint. With a single click we can delete duplicate files, empty folders, temporary files, check the installed packages, links incorrect blanks along with other tasks that will allow us to maintain our Linux in optimal conditions.

FSlint can be download from the official site, it can be tested in a few steps from your terminal:

  $ wget
$ tar -xzf fslint-2.40.tar.gz
$ cd fslint-2.40
$ cd po && make
$ cd ..
$ ./fslint-gui


If we have one of the best-known distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian … it can be installed from the repositories by typing a single command in the terminal:

* For those under debian

$ sudo apt-get install fslint
Can find it here Applications> System Tools> fslint
Or type
fslint-gui at terminal

* For those under Redhat

$ sudo yum install fslint

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