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Blog Urlfilter in IpCop access to users by IP address

Urlfilter in IpCop access to users by IP address

I just installed urlfilter unfortunately some users are recreated popularity site NSFW, the problem is not to “entertain” with this type of site, but sometimes these places up dirt half of computers and then to clear it we have to invest a good time running antivirus and AntiSpyware.

The installation of urlfilter has no problems;

But, the detail is applied to all the locks on network users. What if I want to leave a machine without locks?. So, we have to resort to give permission by IP addresses, is not the only solution but is very easy to implement.

Based on the urlfilter squidGuard, the documentation of this project can be applied practically without problems.

The first is to locate the configuration file for squidGuard in IpCop, place it in:


This is the file we have to change. I am still awaiting a change that if I lost my web changes so you have this in mind.

The documentation of squidGuard finding rules based on source IP addresses that helped guide me to make my changes.

The first was to define my administrators group, so add these lines to the configuration file:

src admins {
ip 192.168.0.x/

where 192.168.0.x is the IP to which I shall give him permission.

Once I set my user group managers, now we need to give permission for adding a few lines in the ACL:

acl {
admins {
pass all

default { pass custom-allowed !ads !adv !aggressive …

That way everyone would have an internet filter, less they appear in the list of admins.
Same can be refined a lot more options to administrators, but that will be later.

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