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Blog GNOME 3.0 with more applications made in Mono

GNOME 3.0 with more applications made in Mono

And along with the controversy found with Mono. Richard Stallman, a member of the GNOME Foundation, has said that GNOME 3.0 will include more applications made with Mono:

“The only application that Mono is now part of the whole launch is Tomboy GNOME desktop. Mono applications are popular among users of GNOME, including F-Spot, Banshee and GNOME DO, but by the time Tomboy is the only one that has been included. However, between now and GNOME 3.0, that could change. “

“The GNOME project considered for inclusion in the desktop applications written in C, C + +, Python or Mono.

Here I leave you a video of what would be GNOME 3.0:


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