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130 Responses to “iOS Login Screen tutorial : XCode 5 + ios 7 + Storyboard + JSON”

  1. Fatimah says:

    Hi i have downloaded the source code nd everything was working fine until i entered the username and password details. It says signing failed, does the following code have to be pasted in php:

    Also how would i link the iOS app to my phpAdmin

    thank you

  2. Paulo Cesar says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. I was able to add a login screen to a existent project and it run smooth in the first try!

  3. Ibrahim Chiha says:

    I read all of your comments, and some had the same issue. Can you please tell me how to grab authentication code from a website and how to use them to check if I had correctly logged in? I know I’m asking for too much, but it would really help me if you replied!

  4. Ibrahim Chiha says:

    Both of them result in a connection failed. I really need this to work, please help me!

  5. Hey,

    Do you have access to the website, to make changes?

  6. Ibrahim Chiha says:

    No, I do not :(

  7. Hm, lets try.
    Can you check the response for a successful and an unsuccessful login, see if the page redirects for any one of them.
    If the page ‘redirects’ to another page after successful authentication, then in the app we can check to see if the page is redirecting when trying to authenticate.

  8. Hi,
    Are you testing it on the simulator?
    Can you confirm that you are connected to the internet?

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