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Blog How to install Google Desktop on Ubuntu Linux

How to install Google Desktop on Ubuntu Linux

Although Google Desktop is not the only search and indexing herrmamienta available on the web, it takes a large company behind it to make it very popular.
Well, Linux version of this tool (which uses the same algorithms that a version for web) and are available packages for Debian 4, Fedora 6, Ubuntu 9.04, SUSE 10.1 and Red Hat 5 and works for both KDE and Gnome.
The only disadvantage of the project is not yet available for systems with AMD64 architectures, only x86.
To install Ubuntu Linux follow these steps:

1. Download the file. Deb of Google Desktop from

2. Run the file. Deb download

3. Restart X (CTRL + ALT + Backspace)

That will have at your disposal to Google Desktop on Linux.

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