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Blog Transparencies in Xorg on Slackware

Transparencies in Xorg on Slackware

We will see here how to enable transparency in the windows of a system with Slackware Linux. The commands mentioned here are valid for any window manager.
Well, I have used this in Slackware 11 Xorg 6.9. If you use Xorg 6.8.1 already have support for transparent windows and shadows.
The first is to edit the X11 configuration file in the folder /etc/X11 called xorg.conf
Add the following lines anywhere in the xorg.conf to enable transparency and shadows.

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Enable"

Then save the file and restart X.

Seem that everything is as before. Except that now has support for transparencies and shadows in the windows.
Now we must use some commands in a terminal.
The first command is:

xcompmgr -cf &

With this command will enable the effects of transparency and shadow, and the symbol & is to put the execution of the command in the background for further work on the same console.

Now we must apply effects on the windows you want.

transset .5

With this command, the mouse pointer will change to the window to select a victim. With 5 you say that applies to the window opacity of 50%. Change to your liking.

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