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Blog Allow root access to the graphical mode in Ubuntu

Allow root access to the graphical mode in Ubuntu

Sometimes, in the graphical mode, we want to have full access to our system without using sudo or su.
To enter the graphics mode in Ubuntu as root, you must do the following:
If you have not yet set a password for the root user should do so now by typing in a terminal and running:

$ sudo passwd root

The system asks for the password you entered in the installation, then you must enter the new root password and confirm.
Now you must use the command in the terminal and enter your root password.

In GNOME you go to the menu System -> Administration -> login window. On the Security tab, mark Enable root user can log in and accept GDM.
KDE is a bit more cumbersome. If you use KDM, open up the folder /etc/kde3/kdm. When you reach the file or folder search file kdmrc. Click the right mouse button on kdmrc ,and select “Edit as root“. Look for the line that say AllowRootLogin = false and change false to true. Save changes and quit.

1 thought on “Allow root access to the graphical mode in Ubuntu”

  1. Allowing root to login to GUI is a security risk. You should not do it. If you want to run a program in GUI mode try gksu

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