Howto: Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows on RAID 10

On September 2, 2009, in dual boot, How to, raid 10, by Dipin Krishna

If you choose to dual boot and run both Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows Vista, you run the risk of losing your data when a hard drive dies. To fix this, you can create a RAID10 setup. This tutorial will show you how to perform an Ubuntu and Windows dual boot with a RAID10 setup. Step […]


How to install CentOS 5 on a USB stick (pendrive) via Windows

On July 14, 2009, in CentOS, How to, install, usb stick, via Windows, by Dipin Krishna

Here is the how to install the CentOS 5 Linux distribution on a pen drive (USB) using MS Windows. This will create a CentOS LiveUSB which can be run on any PC that allows booting (boot) from a USB port. That is, a true CentOS Portable. This works just like a LiveCD, the only difference […]


How to Dual boot Slitaz and Windows

On June 12, 2009, in dual boot, How to, Slitaz, by Dipin Krishna

“Dual boot Slitaz and Windows“ Follow these steps to dual boot your system with Slitaz and WIndows. 1. First create atleast two partitions on your hd, one for Slitaz and the other for Windows. You may be in need to create a partition for swap,probably if you have less memory. Just partition your HD. 2. […]