Mic not working with skype on Ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala

After installing skype 2.1 in your ubuntu 9.10 you might have seen that there is only one option in skype’s audio properties: “pulse audio server” and Nothing else. 
But most of you might had used “HDA Intel hd:0” option in their previous versions and it was working.

To solve this problem you will just need to install “padevchooser” on your Ubuntu. ‘pavechooser’ will help you configure your Pulseaudio and select the proper Mic input.
Install it via command line or synaptic.
Or get it from here http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/sound/padevchooser

Or try installing the skype version 2.0 and select “HD Intel (hw:0)” option.
Download the version 2.0 from http://download.skype.com/linux/skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_i386.deb
If you have already installed Skype 2.1 you will have to uninstall skype-common via synaptic, as well as skype, or else the Skype 2.0 package will not install via GDebi.

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  1. Hi, thanks for help but I do not know how does one chooses HD Intel (hw:0)No experience in computersMind helping out a bit more with this?Cheers

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