HP printer Installation Wizard for your Linux ( Boss,Debian,Fedora, ubuntu, suse .. )

Now get the driver for your HP printer from here http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install_wizard/index.html

Select your distro, version, Printer Type & Model.

At the bottom of this post you can see how i downloaded and installed my HP PSC 1410 All in One Printer.

Recommended Printer Models List:

Need a printer to use with Linux? Use this list to see our fully supported recommended printer models.

Recommended Printer Models

Printer Model Tables By Type:

Deskjet/Color Inkjet

Deskjet All-in-One

Photosmart/Photosmart Pro

Officejet/Officejet Pro


LaserJet/LaserJet MFP/Mopier

Color LaserJet/Color LaserJet MFP

Business Inkjet/Business Inkjet Pro

Color Edgeline MFP



All Printer Models Table

All printer models in a single list (WARNING: This is a large table and may load slowly)

Unsupported Printer Models

Note: HPLIP is an open source solution for most HP printers and all-in-ones. Some printers, however, are unsupported. The reasons for this may include issues with intellectual property, technical issues, or limited production numbers. Be advised that printers that appear on the unsupported list may never be supported by HPLIP.

Unsupported printer models

How i downloaded and installed my HP PSC 1410 All in One Printer.

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  1. Aaron

    Thanks for your support for the HP Linux Imaging and Printing project.

    We appreciate it!


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