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Blog Improve browsing with Firefox using greasemonkey

Improve browsing with Firefox using greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is an add-on or plugin for your web browser “firefox” that allows us to install some scripts to improve our productivity on the sites that we visit.

How to use greasemonkey : Install Greasemonkey on firefox as an add-on .. then go to the web site with the thousands of custom scripts, find and install the one we want.

Once installed the script, each time you enter the site to which the script was created, this will be his grace.

This is the list of those who use and quite the truth that saves me a few seconds on the navigation ..

1 – FX Google: google search engine to change completely. Putting hand on all the functions and this can add many others that are very useful.
On the web script you can see all their qualities.

2 – Download ANY Video from YouTube: As the name says it allows you to download any video from YouTube. A link to a website that allows us to download in three different formats flv, 3gp and mp4 is added at the bottom of the video we are seeing ..
Once installed, we have the video we want two clicks away.

3 – Rapidshare Links Checker: If we enter a web with link to one or more of rapidshare, megaupload and filefactory. It automatically check their status and if they are available to download, it shows a green icon next to the link telling you that is a good link and if the link is dead, it put an icon with a red cross.
Very useful and prevents us from unexpected surprises.

While there are thousands of these scripts.. see

Also for those who want to make their own scripts for greasemonkey for them this pdf can be useful.

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