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Blog Amarok 2.1 music player for debian / ubuntu

Amarok 2.1 music player for debian / ubuntu

The launch of Amarok 2.1, five months after its previous version 2.0 was announced , the all-free multimedia player developed primarily for the KDE desktop. In addition to an updated look, some of the improvements in this new version include:

Improvements in play lists: More and better filters to create them, but the biggest change is in the very form of lists, where we see only the name of the song.

Context View: Amarok Context Browser lets us have all the information about a certain song or artist when you are playing this music, and now this interface allows for greater customization.

Bookmarks: It is a very useful feature for those who use podcasts or audio books. Amarok saves them automatically to the audio track

Amarok URLs: The idea is to combine services with other podcasts or songs in order to link directly to Amarok and share those links with ease. More and better integration with a service that has become sadly fee but still has millions of followers.

Installing on debian / ubuntu..

# aptitude install amarok

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