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Blog Quick USB Ubuntu 8.04.1 install from Windows (non Persistent)

Quick USB Ubuntu 8.04.1 install from Windows (non Persistent)

Ubuntu 8.04 USB Live installation from Windows: This simple tutorial covers how to install, boot and then run Ubuntu 8.04.1 (Hardy Heron) from a USB flash drive. Upon completion of this tutorial, Ubuntu 8.04 can be run from the portable flash device in the same fashion (but much faster) than it would from the Live CD. This specific tutorial does not cover a Ubuntu 8.04.1 persistence (persistent) feature option. Hence the user cannot save changes back to the USB device using this tutorial.

Note: This is a QuicknEasy install. If you would like to perform a more advanced persistent install, saving and restoring changes on subsequent boots, please use the Persistent USB Ubuntu 8.04.1 install tutorial

Ubuntu 8.04.1 running from USB screenshot:

Ubuntu 8.04 running from USB

USB Ubuntu 8.04.1 creation essentials:

  • Windows PC to perform conversion
  • Ubuntu 8.04.1 ISO
  • 1GB or larger USB flash drive
  • Ub8convert2.exe
  • HP USB Format tool

Easy Ubuntu 8.04.1 USB flash drive installation tutorial:

  1. Download the HP USB format tool and format your stick using a Fat32 file system
  2. Download and launch Ub8convert2.exe, a Ubuntu8 folder is created
  3. Download the Ubuntu 8.04.1 ISO and place it in the Ubuntu8 folder
  4. From the Ubuntu8 folder, click fixu8.bat and follow the onscreen instructions
  5. Once the script has finished, restart your PC and set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot

If all goes well, you should now be booting from a Live USB version of Ubuntu 8.04.1 Hardy Heron.

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