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Blog Exaile: Music Player for Linux.

Exaile: Music Player for Linux.

Exaile is a wonderful music player for Linux written in written in Python. It incorporates Handling the library of music. To open tabs on the playlists and have several open lists..

The easiest way to dispose of exaile Ubuntu is updated by adding their repositories. 

To add repositories are going to System -> Administration -> Origins of the software -> Third-party software and add the following lines: 

deb intrepid main 
Another serious option from the terminal with the following commands: 

sudo gedit / etc / apt / sources.list 

and add at the end of the document:
deb intrepid main 
Now at the terminal type:
sudo apt-get update 
Once you’re done one of two steps and we are going to the terminal: sudo apt-get install exaile 

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