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Blog Make an Ubuntu live USB

Make an Ubuntu live USB

You know,Fedora project has a tool names Fedora liveusb-creator for easily installing Fedora live operating systems on to USB flash drives.I found a tool names Ubuntu LiveUSB which also for creating a bootable Live USB stick from the running Ubuntu Live CD.


Ubuntu LiveUSB performs the following actions::

  • Detects available USB sticks (using HAL) and asks user which one to use
  • Partitions USB stick with 1 partition
  • Sets partition bootable
  • Writes MBR to USB stick
  • Formats partition FAT16
  • Installs bootloader (syslinux) to partition
  • Writes bootloader configuration file
  • Copies necessary files from running Live CD to USB stick
  • Sets language and keyboard of USB Live system to match running Live CD
  • Optionally: Downloads and integrates Adobe Flash Player

Some experience:

1.It does not supports USB HD,supports USB flash stick only.

2.The USB stick must be bigger than 1G.

3.Can only save data on home folder.

4.Time for making an Ubuntu live usb is almost = installing the Ubuntu onto hard disk.

5.Booting speed is almost same as booting a live cd but running speed is better than the live cd.

6.If you reboot the computer ,you will get error says can’t boot withou live cd… ,so you have to plug off and plug in the usb stick for every rebooting.

7.Can only runs on the Ubuntu

Obviously,compared to the Fedora Liveusb-Creator, the Ubuntu LiveUSB ’s function is limited.Anyway,it is just a experimental software after all,I think it will be better soon,we do need a tool like the Fedora Liveusb-Creator for the Ubuntu.

If you want to try it ,you may download the Ubuntu LiveUSB:

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