8 Responses to “iOS Login and Signup Screen tutorial : Swift 2 + XCode 7 + iOS 9 + JSON”

  1. Mansour says:


    i am try to learn IOS application i am using Xcode9.1 i try to follow this lesson but i have problem when i reach to LoginVC.swift i try to add new referencing outlet, i cannot i find this message “could not insert new outlet connection: could not find any information for the class named LoginVC”

    why this happens i am try to apply your tutorial step by step.

    • Hi Mansour,

      All the tutorials I have are pretty much outdated. My last tutorial was in 2015.
      I just got my blog back up a few days ago. I will be writing new tutorials soon.
      Sorry for the trouble.


  2. Walaa says:

    When I run your code using my server , I get connection field with code = 500

    what might be the problem ?

  3. Peter Mavronicolas says:

    You’re awesome! Thank you so much.

  4. Nemanaj says:

    FInaly working tutorial!!!
    I managed to connect app with our rest API swift2 with little changes to what I need.

    Thank you so much!

  5. Khaled says:

    Great tutorial, well coded.
    Thanks you a lot you saved our lives 😉

    Though, there is one more thing is missing which is ‘Forgot Password’.
    It will be great if you add this feature in your code.
    This will complete the App and I guess its essential.


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