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Blog Now find the property you want on Google Maps

Now find the property you want on Google Maps

Google have been working on a particularly interesting project that combines Google Maps and search technology – they have been trying to work out if our search query in Google Maps means we are interested in having current real estate listings returned to us.

Now, simply searching for “real estate” on google maps will return, well, real estate (try it)! You could also try “homes for sale sydney” or “homes for rent adelaide“. Or while you’re at it, check out “apartments for sale brisbane“, or “homes for rent near perth“. The idea is to make it really easy for you guys – you tell us what you want, and we get it back to you! Of course, we’ll continue to work to return the best results for all your Google Maps queries, whether you’re looking for local businesses, geographic features, or your perfect home.

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