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Blog FTP In Linux Via Command-Line

FTP In Linux Via Command-Line

You can connect to a FTP server from linux through command line with ease.
Just open a terminal and type:


now you will be asked for name and password if present.
Then, here is a list of commands to use
Commands may be abbreviated. Commands are:

! debug mdir qc send
$ dir mget sendport site
account disconnect mkdir put size
append exit mls pwd status
ascii form mode quit struct
bell get modtime quote system
binary glob mput recv sunique
bye hash newer reget tenex
case help nmap rstatus tick
cd idle nlist rhelp trace
cdup image ntrans rename type
chmod lcd open reset user
close ls prompt restart umask
cr macdef passive rmdir verbose
delete mdelete proxy runique ?

get FILE - download FILE (replace FILE with the file you want to download from the FTP server).
put FILE - upload FILE (same as above, but for uploading a file).
open server:ip - connects to the FTP server
cd - change directory
dir - list the content of current directory
bye - exit

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