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Blog Ubuntu 9.10: Koala karmic Alpha 4 Released

Ubuntu 9.10: Koala karmic Alpha 4 Released

The Road to Ubuntu 9.10 continues steadily with the release of Alpha 4 karmic Koala, of course it is not a version for use in production environments, but if you’re interested in working with the community, you can install it and report bugs. Some new things includrd in this version emphasizes GNOME 2.27.4. Ubuntu ones installed, by default you will have Linux Kernel 2.6.31-5.24 architecture ,new intel video driver available for testing, compiler GCC-4.4 by default, Firefox 3.5.2 by default, Grub 2 default among other improvements.

In the case of Kubuntu highlights the first version Netbooks and Kde 4.3.0, more details are here: Kubuntu 9.10 Alpha 4.

Links to download are: (Ubuntu Desktop, Server, and Netbook Remix) (Ubuntu Server UEC) (Kubuntu Desktop and Netbook) (Xubuntu) (Ubuntustudio) (Mythbuntu)

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