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Blog Links: a graphics and text mode web browser

Links: a graphics and text mode web browser

Links is a graphics and text mode web browser, released under GPL. Links is a free software.
  • Links runs on Linux, BSD, UNIX in general, OS/2, Cygwin under Windows, AtheOS, BeOS, FreeMint.
  • Links runs in graphics mode (mouse required) on X Window System (UN*X, Cygwin), SVGAlib, Linux Framebuffer, OS/2 PMShell, AtheOS GUI
  • Links runs in text mode (mouse optional) on UN*X console, ssh/telnet virtual terminal, vt100 terminal, xterm, and virtually any other text terminal. Mouse is supported for GPM, xterm, and OS/2. Links supports colors on terminal.
  • Easy and quick user control via pull-down menu in both text and graphics mode, in 25 languages.
  • HTML 4.0 support (without CSS)
  • HTTP 1.1 support
  • Tables, frames in both graphics and text mode, builtin image display in graphics mode
  • Builtin image display for GIF, JPEG, PNG, XBM, TIFF in graphics mode
  • Anti-advertisement animation filter in animated GIFs
  • Bookmarks
  • Background file downloads
  • Automatic reconnection in case of TCP connection breakdown
  • Keepalive connections
  • Background (asynchronous) DNS lookup
  • Possibility to hook up external programs for all MIME types, possibility to choose one of more programs at every opening.
  • 48-bit high-quality image gamma correction, resampling and Floyd-Steinberg dithering in all color depths.
  • Font resampling (antialiasing) for virtually unlimited pitch range, LCD optimization of fonts and images.
  • Builtin fonts in the executable without reliance on any fonts installed in the system
  • User-adjustable menu, HTML font size and image zoom factor.
  • User-adjustable display gammas (red, green, blue), viewing-condition correction gamma and precise calibration of both monitor and Links on a calibration pattern
  • Automatic aspect ratio correction for modes like 640×200, 640×400, 320×200 with user-adjustable manual aspect ratio correction.
  • Support for one-wheel mice (vertical scroll), two-wheel mice (vertical and horizontal scroll) and smooth scrolling by grabbing the plane with a mouse (no wheel needed).
  • Easy installation, the browser is just one executable and no more files.


Graphics mode (PNG)

Text mode (PNG)


$ sudo aptitude install links
$ sudo aptitude install links2

How to use

$ links
$ links2

For more screenshots and info visit its official site.


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