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Blog KernelCheck: kernel compiling process as easy as the click of a button

KernelCheck: kernel compiling process as easy as the click of a button

KernelCheck is a graphical user interface program designed to make the kernel-compiling process as easy as the click of a button. A kernel is the base of any operating system – in our case, the Linux operating system. KernelCheck will fetch the latest information from, which hosts the source packages for the Linux kernel, and ask the user which one they would like to compile into a .deb package (with the option of installing the kernel after the compilation). This automated process is a fork of AutoKernel by Robert Wolterman (xtacocorex), Timothy Janssen (mentok), and Kristof Verbeken (PingunZ). KernelCheck is currently licensed under the GNU Public License version 3.

Current Features

  • Ability to download, compile and install latest kernel automatically
  • Ability to compare latest kernel information with your current running kernel
  • GUI designed with Glade provides easy accessibility for any user

Supported Platforms

At the moment, KernelCheck is only supported on Debian-Based platforms. Some of these include Debian, Ubuntu (or any derivatives), Mint, etc. RPM and Slackware based are planned to be supported in the future.


  • To provide every Linux user with a tool to help automate the complicated kernel-building process
  • Provide an easy-to-use, newbie friendly tool to ease the burden of compiling kernels
  • Provide an open-source program that all people can edit to their needs
  • Build a tool based on the AutoKernel idea by PinguinZ, but with more functionality
  • Help the Linux community on its journey to defeat the evil Microsoft empire
  • Features waiting to be integrated
  • Automatically optimize the kernel to the user’s needs
  • Decrease user-interactivity for a smoother and easier building process

Ground rules

  • KernelCheck is GPL, and will always be GPL, unless GPL becomes illegal, in which case it will be LGPL
  • Forever open-source
  • This program will be created using only Python, PyGTK, Glade, and BASH Shell

Download it from here

After installing KernelCheck, you will find it under Applications > System Tools > KernelCheck. You can also open KernelCheck pening a terminal and typing in:

sudo kernelcheck

Home page of kernelcheck:

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