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How to create a pre-boot image for slitaz ( .lss picture files )

1. You will need to have Gimp 2.6 installed and ready.
Now create a new picture with 640 x 480 (480 minus some space for the text cursor). The original Slitaz splash will be 640 x 346 pixels.

2. Now create your image,with your creative works. When done, change the image mode to indexed colors.


The pre-boot image can only have 16 different colors, minus 2 colors for the text. So, you have to select “Maximum Number Of Color = 14”, reserving 2 colors for the text.

3. Now save the image in PPM format:


Save it (as RAW ppm).

4. Convert the PPM image to LSS image using Syslinux utility ppmtolss16 (a Perl program that comes with the Syslinux package).

# wget
# tar xzf syslinux-3.75.tar.gz

Inside the directory syslinux-3.75/utils you can find the “ppmtolss16” Perl script.
Copy the file “ppmtolss16” to where you are working the picture.

# cp syslinux-3.75/utils/ppmtolss16 xxxxxxxx

replace xxxxxxxx with your image location.
Just type:

# ./ppmtolss16 ‘#ffffff=7’ imagename.lss

Where the ‘#ffffff=7’ is the RGB color of the text cursor (red=ff, green=ff and blue=ff), which is the white color.

Done, you have a .LSS image file.

2 thoughts on “How to create a pre-boot image for slitaz ( .lss picture files )”

  1. Note that you can use mtPaint to convert your PNG into lss file and it is installed by default. Hugs!

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