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Blog Howto Install BSNL wll clarity phone in Ubuntu

Howto Install BSNL wll clarity phone in Ubuntu

Hello linixians,
Failed to access internet through your bsnl clarity phone….
Here is an easy way

1. Just download this executable…..bsnlclarity and save it to your home folder.

2. Connect your phone to the system with the usb cable.

3. Now at terminal type

$ sudo ./bsnlclarity

You will be asked for your username and password for accessing the internet enter it …..
now start surffing

Ctrl+C to stop

18 thoughts on “Howto Install BSNL wll clarity phone in Ubuntu”

  1. കുഞ്ഞുബാപ്പു

    Hello Dipin
    Down loaded bsnl clarity and pasted in my home folder then the result is as follows
    akoyavk@akoyavk-desktop:~$ sudo ./bsnlclarity
    [sudo] password for akoyavk:
    Segmentation fault
    akoyavk@akoyavk-desktop:~$ .
    I am only a beginner for linux
    Can anybody help?

  2. നിരുപദ്രവകാരി

    when i am trying to bsnl wll clarity to ubuntu 9.10 — i couldn’t paste ‘bsnlclarity’ to the home folder. got a message –you are not authorised to copy this.–like something.any solution?

  3. hi,

    I’ve been using your file for a long time. Good stuff, Thanks. But, last week i reinstalled my fedora and tried connecting using “./bsnlclarity” in user login with su as root. i got connected to internet n i got ip address assigned, still i cannot browse web in an browser or cant even ping to google. pls help,

    Ragards & thanks,

  4. നിരുപദ്രവകാരി

    another problem in downloading.
    pls check it once again.on clicking the link, appears a source code window(?)

    vth thanks

  5. നിരുപദ്രവകാരി

    I am using BSNL WLL (clarity-II A).It doesn’t work in IT@SCHOOL GNU/LINUX OS.
    I am trying to work it.i have tried to download BSNLCLARITY. But i can’t. there is a problem in downloading it.pls make a solution..

  6. It’s working fine dipin etta, Thank you very much !. I would like to get its source code. Could you send me ? My ID is ershad92 [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. Sir, I am getting an error while installing my LG Tarang BsNL WLL Phone.

    The error is “Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0 No such file or device”

    What should I do?

  8. Hello Rinaldo Rex,
    Type this at terminal….after connecting your phone to the system……

    $ lsusb

    Now please note down the vendor id the other ids of your phone…
    send me those id’s as it is shown…

    please reply to [email protected]

    dipin krishna

  9. Hello Mr.Dipin krishna,
    I have a ubuntu linux 8.10, and a BSNL WLL TARANG HUAWEI ETS2288 and i also have the bsnlclarity file will your file work for my phone’s model. Please help me because i am trying to connect net in ubuntu for nearly 3 weeks.If you could answer please mail [email protected]

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