wbar: a quick luanch bar( similar to avant and cairo dock)

On September 17, 2009, in wbar, wbarconf, by Dipin Krishna

wbar is a quick-launch bar (not a dock) that has an appearance similar to Avant Window Manager and Cairo Dock. It is GTK (Gnome) based but can work in all desktop environments. It does not require a compositing manager to be installed and is therefore quicker and more suitable for low-end hardware systems. It is […]


Dock applications

On August 28, 2009, in awn manager, cairo dock, wbar, wbarconf, by Dipin Krishna

Avant Window Manager, Cairo Dock, and Wbar are dock-like applications for Ubuntu Linux. A dock represents running programs as icons at the bottom of the screen (as is done on the Mac OS X desktop), instead of by toolbar panel segments (as is done in Windows and other Linux window managers). See this brief comparison […]