Unable to Switch User Error – su: no shell

We had some users complaining about not being able to switch or substitute user, su. Here is the error message they were receiving: “su: no shell.” At first I thought the users had inadvertently locked out their accounts. But after querying nisplus and checking the file-based users, I didn’t observe any locked accounts. I tried […]


Mounting ISO and DD Image Files

On October 19, 2008, in chaddock, dd file, debian linux, ext2, hfs, image file, iso file, mount image file, ntfs, udf, unix commands, by Dipin Krishna

Occasionally, I’ll download an image file and want to see what is on it, or make a few changes to it before burning it to CD. The image file (dd, iso, etc) can be mounted using the loop device. You will need to know the type of filesystem the image uses. Most Linux/Unix-based OS’s have […]