Linux Mint 7 ‘Gloria’

We can download the new version of Linux Mint Linux Mint which is 7 Gloria, a distribution which has always called attention with its menu, this time with further improvements. Mint7 Linux is based on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope and is completely compatible with their packages and repositories and comes with GNOME 2.26 desktop environment.

Customize or Remaster ubuntu 9.04 jaunty from an image file

This tutorial will show you how to customize and remaster your ubuntu 9.04 jaunty using a jaunty iso file. 1. Create a work directory # mkdir jaunty 2. Create the following directoires # mkdir jaunty/cdrom# mkdir jaunty/tmp# mkdir jaunty/root 3. Mount the jaunty iso image on jaunty/cdrom directory # mount -o loop jaunty.iso jaunty/cdrom 4.