How to uninstall or remove old kernels in Ubuntu

On December 23, 2009, in kernel, uninstall, by Dipin Krishna

Ubuntu always keeps the old kernel even after installing a new kernel. This is done just in case the new one doesn’t work well for you. Now if you don’t want the old kernels anymore then use the command below to remove the old kernel which you wish to remove. $ sudo apt-get remove –purge […]


KernelCheck: kernel compiling process as easy as the click of a button

On August 27, 2009, in compile, kernel, kernelcheck, by Dipin Krishna

KernelCheck is a graphical user interface program designed to make the kernel-compiling process as easy as the click of a button. A kernel is the base of any operating system – in our case, the Linux operating system. KernelCheck will fetch the latest information from, which hosts the source packages for the Linux kernel, […]