How to create an ISO disk image of a CD or DVD from command line

On October 11, 2009, in DD, iso images, by Dipin Krishna

The attempt to copy the entire disk image using cp may omit the final block if it is an unexpected length; dd will always complete the copy if possible.We can use the dd command to create an ISO disk image of a CD or DVD. dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/dipin/mydisk.iso bs=2048 conv=sync,notrunc change /dev/cdrom and /home/dipin/mydisk.iso as […]


How to Create and Modify ISO Images in Ubuntu 9.04

On September 30, 2009, in create modify, iso images, isomaster, by Dipin Krishna

You can create and Modify ISO9660 files (iso images) graphicaly in ubuntu by using an open source Linux application ISO Master Features: 1. Create an ISO image from scratch. 2. Add or remove files and directories to a CD iso image. 3. Make bootable CDs 4. Support for Rock Ridge and Joliet file names. ISO […]