GRUB 2 now default for new installations ,ubuntu 9.10

On June 27, 2009, in grub2, by Dipin Krishna

As of tomorrow’s daily builds, GRUB 2 will be the default boot loader for new installations.They do not expect to be changing the boot loader for existing installations, at least not at this time; this is an inherently risky operation. (Remember that they don’t even automatically reinstall the boot loader when they upgrade to new […]


Install and test grub2

On June 27, 2009, in grub2, install, Testing, ubuntu, by Dipin Krishna

“Grub2” is a replacement for grub, which has been claiming to be the replacement for it for some years. Switching to “grub2” would bring support for newer systems, internationalisation, updates and bug fixes etc.So it’s clear we would like to switch the default bootloader to grub2…lets try “install and test grub2”. Testing grub2If you are […]


Bug #376879: grub2 installer modifies grub 0.97 menu.lst incorrectly and fails to chainload grub2

On June 27, 2009, in 376879, bug, grub 0.97, grub2, menu.lst, by Dipin Krishna

It was discovered on Jaunty. After installing grub2, it modifies the currently installed grub 0.97 menu.lst configuration file to chainload grub2 to allow one to test grub2 before committing to it as the default boot loader. However, grub2 modifies the menu.lst entry and adds the incorrect command to select the partition to boot from to […]