How to Restore grub in ubuntu remix 9.10 karmic koala

On January 11, 2010, in grub, Karmic Koala, Restore, ubuntu 10.04, ubuntu remix, by Dipin Krishna

I recently installed Windows 7 on my laptop which already had ubuntu remix installed in it.The problem i faced was, the GRUB was lost. But i had trouble getting your GRUB boot loader since the process of restoring GRUB has changed. Follow these instructions to restore your GRUB. 1. Boot from your UBUNTU LIVE from […]


Protect your grub by applying a password to it (grub-md5-crypt is broken)

On August 20, 2009, in grub, password, protect, by Dipin Krishna

Maybe you want the user to enter a password in order to boot the Recovery Mode or your secondary OS. You have to set that password in the /boot/grub/menu.lst – for higher security you should crypt your password with md5. You have two ways to do that. The first one might-not work for all. 1. […]


Restore grub boot loader

On June 11, 2009, in boot loader, Debian and Ubuntu, grub, recover, Restore, by Dipin Krishna

I installed ubuntu and then vista, i found that my ubuntu grub was lost.. I followed these steps to “restore” the “grub boot loader” of ubuntu.Here are the steps 1. Boot from the ubuntu Live CD. 2. Now open a terminal from Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal. 3. Now you need to start grub as […]