Links: a graphics and text mode web browser

On August 6, 2009, in Browser, graphical mode, links, text mode, by Dipin Krishna

Links is a graphics and text mode web browser, released under GPL. Links is a free software. Links runs on Linux, BSD, UNIX in general, OS/2, Cygwin under Windows, AtheOS, BeOS, FreeMint. Links runs in graphics mode (mouse required) on X Window System (UN*X, Cygwin), SVGAlib, Linux Framebuffer, OS/2 PMShell, AtheOS GUI Links runs in […]


Allow root access to the graphical mode in Ubuntu

On July 7, 2009, in gdm, graphical mode, kdm, root access, ubuntu, by Dipin Krishna

Sometimes, in the graphical mode, we want to have full access to our system without using sudo or su.To enter the graphics mode in Ubuntu as root, you must do the following:If you have not yet set a password for the root user should do so now by typing in a terminal and running: $ […]