Inline Shell Script with a For Loop

On November 19, 2008, in for loop, Inline, Script, Shell, by Dipin Krishna

Often I’m asked how to traverse a list of items in a file. You can easily go through a list of items using a for loop. Here’s an example of copying selected contents of originalDir to destinationDir via the command line. #sh #for i in `cat /home/esofthub/mylist.dat` #do #cp -pr /originalDir/$i /destinationDir/. #echo $i done #done […]


Strip a Prepended String From a Filename – Unix

I had a process that was pre-pending by design its PID to a file name string. But unfortunately, it caused a few unexpected problems when this handling process inadvertently terminated. I had to rename the files without the defunct pre-pended PID string and then reprocess them (several thousand). Here is what I used as a […]