How to create a custom linux file system within another

On July 5, 2009, in custom, DD, filesystem, linux, mnt, touch, by Dipin Krishna

With the power bestowed upon us, we can create a Linux file system in a file. Humanly speaking, we can create a file containing specific file system and mount it as if it were a partition of a hard drive.To do this, we must first create the file: touch filename Then run the dd command […]


Ubuntu 30-Mount Check Annoyance

On November 12, 2008, in 30, annoyances, autofsck, Boot, check, filesystem, fsck, linux, mounts ubuntu, by Dipin Krishna

If you’ve used Ubuntu Linux for longer than a month, you’ve no doubt realized that every 30 times you boot up you are forced to run a filesystem check. This filesystem check is necessary in order to keep your filesystem healthy. Some people advise turning the check off completely, but that is generally not a […]