Tasksel: an installation system for ubuntu (debian)

On July 31, 2009, in debian, installation, Tasksel, ubuntu, by Dipin Krishna

I found this in the ubuntu documentation. Tasksel is an installation system that is an integral part of the Debian installer; it is also included in Ubuntu. Tasksel groups software packages by tasks and offers an easy way to install all the packages needed for that task. It provides the same functionality as using conventional […]


HowTo recompile Debian packages

On November 19, 2008, in apt, debian, by Dipin Krishna

This article will show how you canĀ rebuild any debian package. You might need to rebuild a package for various reasons: add/remove some compilation options, make some changes to the sources, or compile a newer version from testing/sid into stable, etc. Regardless of your reason, this can be done very easy using debian tools. First you […]


kill command on Debian

On November 19, 2008, in debian, linux tips, tricks, ubuntu, by Dipin Krishna

In technical terms, kill simply sends a signal. By default it sends a signal which requests termination (TERM, or signal 15); but you can also specify a signal, and signal 9 (KILL) is the signal which forces termination. The command name kill is not necessarily appropriate to the signal sent; for example, sending the TSTP […]