Dansguardian: Unable to getgrnam(): Success, Error opening/creating log file.

On September 4, 2009, in bug, dansguardian, getgrnam, by Dipin Krishna

Even after you have successfully installed dansguardian in your system, you may a get an error ‘Unable to getgrnam(): Success’ when you try to run dansguardian. Follow these steps to solve this problem.1. Check whether the user ‘nobody’ exists. $ cat /etc/passwd see whether ‘nobody’ is listed. If not found add it. 2. Check whether […]


Bug #376879: grub2 installer modifies grub 0.97 menu.lst incorrectly and fails to chainload grub2

On June 27, 2009, in 376879, bug, grub 0.97, grub2, menu.lst, by Dipin Krishna

It was discovered on Jaunty. After installing grub2, it modifies the currently installed grub 0.97 menu.lst configuration file to chainload grub2 to allow one to test grub2 before committing to it as the default boot loader. However, grub2 modifies the menu.lst entry and adds the incorrect command to select the partition to boot from to […]