Is a SCAM?

On October 5, 2012, in General, Review, by Dipin Krishna

This is my experience @
Most of the guys might have come across after the release of ios 5 with the modem baseband 04.12.01. This is because the usual unlock methods failed with the arrival of modem baseband 04.12.01.

My iPhone 4 was locked to AT&T and i had tried every unlock methods out there. After few days of search, i came across I said to myself that it is a scam site, trying to eat peoples money.

I looked at their Facebook page with thousands of posts praising and lots of reviews and finally paid them $35 to use their service.
I gave them my phone’s IMEI number.

They said it will take about 6 hours. I waited.

The order status page read “IMEI is waiting to be submitted to unlock server”.
After 2 and half hours the status read “IMEI submitted to unlock server”.
I was happy when i saw this. I checked the site after 6 hours, it was still the same.
I tried again after 2 hours, NO CHANGE, i became sceptical.
The next day, when i tried it read “Unlock complete – simply connect your handset to iTunes to complete the unlock.”

I then connected my iPhone to my system and opened iTunes and there it read “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.”

Finally, i got my iPhone unlocked.

One more thing, mistakenly i paid them $35 twice. I mailed them about the issue, and after a week i got a mail from NOCHEX saying that they have refunded my one payment, but i never got it from NOCHEX.
Few more mails, and they paid me via paypal later.

Please read the below comments to see other people’s experiences.

After coming to know about the experiences of many other users, these are my conclusion:
  1. Please do read carefully about their pre-order terms. “Pre-orders” are not covered by their money back guarantee. You are paying to be placed in their mailing list service.
  2. The unlock can take longer than expected.

After coming to know about the experiences of other users/victims, i think what they are doing is that, they can get your iPhones unlocked by few carriers. Thats probably why we can see few good reviews about them, but the rest of the carriers are scam. I can’t really say which carriers work, AT&T USA probably works since mine was locked to AT&T.

“It’s common knowledge that the majority of site reviews are fake, same goes for websites with similar services that have Twitter or Facebook accounts with thousands of followers or fans.”

“Their service is quite deliberately misleading, takes longer than everyone thinks and is QUITE extortionate in pricing.”

For people who hasn’t got a refund, see the below comment from John Ho. But its against their terms, they say that they can blacklist your imei.

Hope it helps………..

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58 Responses to “Is a SCAM?”

  1. BIG SCAM! says:

    I have supplied them with unlocks for more than £2,000 and they are not responding. I have contacted lawyers and they can’t find their business. The website is a fraud and has stolen the identity of datacorp. The real “business” is based in the Seychelles, where they are hidden behind somebody else. Lost all my money. They will maybe unlock your phone, but it’s a scam business.

  2. Rami says:

    Do not trust very bad people

  3. Doug Lerner says:

    This company is fraudulent. And now that my dispute is finalized in my favor with the credit card company I am going to report them to whatever government agency in the UK is responsible for online fraud. Nobody should have to go through what I went through with them.

    To make a long story short, at the beginning of last September they guaranteed me an unlock of my KDDI AU (Japan) iPhone. I believed them and paid more than $180.

    During the month I waited for this, they even promised me that it would be complete “within 5 days.” When this didn’t happen after a month, and I already arrived in the U.S. for my trip, they got abusive in their emails to me. One manager offered me a refund by email and I said I would take it, but then I never heard from them again.

    I then contacted my credit card company and entered a dispute. Just before their response deadline, OfficialiPhoneUnlock sent the credit card company a email alleging that my iPhone was blocked because it was reported lost or stolen. Until just that moment I had considered the possibility that OfficialiPhoneUnlock were legitimate but just incompetent. But when I saw that utterly fraudulent claim I realized it was simpler than that. They were just dishonest.

    Of course I was able to show the credit card company that my iPhone was not blocked, that in correspondence with me OfficeiPhoneUnlock never claimed it was, and that my iPhone was in fact showing up as “clean” and in contract with KDDI AU via many IMEI check sites. In other words, OfficialIPhoneUnlock was just out-and-out lying to avoid paying a refund.

    OfficialPhoneUnlock had until 7 February to counter-respond. They did not and my card company has now confirmed with me that my refund is finalized.

    Now that this is over, I want to warn everybody about this company. They are not honest. That’s the bottom line.

    Oh, and by the way, it turns out that since last summer all KDDI AU iPhones don’t even need to be unlocked to use on the U.S. AT&T network (and some other networks in Europe). It’s compatible while locked. You can just walk into an AT&T store and get a free SIM while you are there and either get a GoPhone no contract monthly account or a regular post-pay account. That is what I ended up doing during my trip, and I am still using my iPhone – both in the U.S. and Japan, without the need for unlocking.

    After what this company put me through, and to help warn others, I intend to report them for fraud to the UK authorities.

  4. erion says:

    First, they take your money and then tell you the phone can’t be unlocked.
    Second, they tell you there are numerous services (FREE) which can be used to identify Lost/Stolen handsets, after they have taken your money. Scammers

  5. Rob says:

    Hi guys. Please be careful with this company. They have scammed many people. Every day many people complain about their bad experience on their facebook page. However, after 1-2 hours the comments are removed by the admins. This shows hoe trustworthy they are!!!!! They couldn’t unlock my iphone 5 and refused to refund me. To me these are only thieves and scammers.

  6. Si Thu Aung says:

    Don’t trust this site. I’ve been cheated 240 USD and no reply from them.

    Sat Aug 15 2015 04:36 pm
    Hey, another one week has passed. How’s my iPhone 6+ unlock status? You can and you should at least reply current status.

    Wed Jul 15 2015 03:23 am
    Dear support team, Thank you for keeping updated with iCloud unlock progress. Since your last mail which dated July 6th, I am patiently waiting for my iPhone to be unlocked. In that mail, you mentioned that the remaining progress would only take “5 working days”. By the way, it’s been 23 days since order date (June 21st)!! As you may aware, unlock process is still under pending and show no progress. I understand that you guys are doing your best. Awaiting for your reply. Thanks.

    Wed Jul 15 2015 01:39 pm
    We are just waiting for an update back from the supplier , when we do get this your order status page will be updated and you will be emailed,thank you for your patience . Please note all times provided on our website are for guidelines only as they are dependent on the network and suppliers

    Wed Jul 29 2015 04:06 am
    Any update on iCloud unlock? 37 days has passed since order date (June 21st)!! What’s really going on? If you can’t remove iCloud, then refund the money! I need reply from you asap!!!

    Wed Jul 29 2015 11:00 am
    Your order is still being processed and we’ll send you an email when its completed. Please note all times provided on our website are for guidelines only as they are dependent on the network and suppliers

    Wed Jul 29 2015 11:00 am
    Your order is still being processed and we’ll send you an email when its completed. Please note all times provided on our website are for guidelines only as they are dependent on the network and suppliers

    Wed Jul 29 2015 02:34 pm
    Being processed!? After taking 37 days and still hoping your customer to believe in your saying? Have you ever felt or thought of your customer side? I wonder how do you feel if you were in customer’s shoe. What happened to your 24 hours to 48 hours iCloud removal slogan? If you can’t, then don’t ever advertise and try to cheat people like us!!!!!!!!!

    Wed Aug 05 2015 04:55 pm
    You people are deaf or what! I said I want my money back!!!

    Fri Aug 07 2015 02:56 pm
    Orders sent to the suppliers for unlocking cannot be cancelled, these orders has been paid for and can be unlocked any moment from now, if cancelled amount paid will be forfeited. Do you wish to proceed ?

    Fri Aug 07 2015 02:56 pm
    Orders sent to the suppliers for unlocking cannot be cancelled, these orders has been paid for and can be unlocked any moment from now, if cancelled amount paid will be forfeited. Do you wish to proceed ?

    Sat Aug 08 2015 01:21 am
    Paid amount will be forfeited? Are you out of your mind! Having done all these, you still can even say “forfeited”. You people are crazy. Leaving customer with no choice, is this what you call customer service in your company?

    Sat Aug 08 2015 01:25 am
    If you people can’t or don’t want to refund customer’s money, then you’d better hurry unlocking my iPhone 6plus.

    Thu Aug 13 2015 12:45 am
    Still haven’t unlocked yet? How long do I have to wait more?

    Sat Aug 15 2015 04:41 pm
    Hey, another one week has passed. To be exact, 55 days has passed since order date. How is my iPhone 6+? You should at least inform me of current iCloud unlock status. Don’t forget customers are waiting for your reply.

    Sat Aug 15 2015 04:41 pm
    Hey, another one week has passed. To be exact, 55 days has passed since order date. How is my iPhone 6+? You should at least inform me of current iCloud unlock status. Don’t forget customers are waiting for your reply.

    Sat Aug 15 2015 04:41 pm
    Hey, another one week has passed. To be exact, 55 days has passed since order date. How is my iPhone 6+? You should at least inform me of current iCloud unlock status. Don’t forget customers are waiting for your reply.

    Fri Aug 28 2015 01:32 am
    Today is 67th day since my order date. Now 2 months had passed and still no reply from you guys. What really is going on? When will my iPhone will be unlocked?

    Fri Sep 04 2015 01:27 am
    What is going on? No reply at all. You took my money and even can’t reply!!! What a pathetic living creature you are!!!

    Fri Sep 04 2015 06:07 am
    Your order is still being processed.

    Wed Sep 23 2015 06:53 am
    How is my iCloud removal order? You already took 92days (over 3 months) and no reply from you and your site.

  7. Dr Sunil says:

    My I phone is Locked to Sprint USA. I’ve sent them desired amount of Indian Rs 11000.00 for unlock my I Phone 5 on 26th September 21014. since then I’ve been continuously & desperately waiting for their response & sent them number of unanswered mails.

  8. Saul says:

    be aware From Official iPhone they steal
    My money they never unlock my iPhone and no refund me

  9. Dr Sunil says:

    I’m have been waiting and continuously reminding them since September 2014 regarding unlock of my I Phone 5, Sprint USA for which I’ve paid 110 GBP in advance. No reply, refund and communication of Status.

  10. Greg says:

    Beware the hidden costs with this service. They intentionally advertise a cost of £19.99 – and you can proceed to a payment page without any hint of a further charge because it appears below the quote of £19.99 and if you don’t scroll down you’ll miss it. However, once they have taken £20 off you they will extort you for a further £50+ to unlock your phone. This is blatant, intentional false advertising intended to trick people into parting with £20, using the fact that a further charge is detailed elsewhere on the website to cover themselves. As soon as I got the email saying they wanted more money i phoned customer service – 15minute wait, and then the rep said if i submitted a claim via the website i should get a refund. This is just a ploy to keep you from contacting your bank until they have taken your money – I submitted a form and heard back two days later to say no refund was available. The customer service reps don’t give their name either so they can deny it. Then they enforce a 7-day payment deadline for the other £50+ – bullying – so they can just take your £19.99!! The phone I had was an old one i just wanted to use for travelling to save damaging/losing my good phone, and has a slightly damaged screen etc. For £19.99+£50 and more I could’ve bought a budget phone for my needs! I rarely write negative reviews and I’m quite internet savvy, but I also feel that if people don’t make an effort against companies like this they can continue to mislead and take people’s money unfairly.
    PS I wrote a review on TRUSTED REVIEWS.EU which I thought would feature on their website but of course it was removed – part of their great cover-up… amazingly their are NO reviews with fewer than 3-stars on TRUSTEDREVIEWS.EU!!!! An absolutely disgraceful con. Also please see this forum for other experiences and a discussion of how companies use fake review accounts:

  11. Vlado8200 says:

    This is a big scam and fraud
    First I paid 19 pounds they told me unlock barred
    The second time i paid 109 pounds
    2341575 12/Sep/2014 06:27:51 Pre-Order 012749003411590
    Pre-Order for iPhone 4 locked to T-Mobile Austria
    2353291 17/Sep/2014 05:11:48 With supplier
    29/09/2014 12:00:02 012749003411590
    iPhone 4 locked to Worldwide Network
    2381478 28/Sep/2014 03:28:21 With supplier
    29/09/2014 12:00:02 012749003411590
    iPhone 4 locked to Worldwide Network
    Unlocks are processed once a week every Friday. Unlocks are all usually delivered by the following Tuesday. Due to the popularity of this service, please allow up to 15 days for unlock delivery. **update 13th**Apologies for the delays with the worldwide unlocks the unlocking server used usually runs once a week but there has been an issue with the servers resulting in delays. When we get an update back in the next few days you will be emailed
    29 Sep 2014 12:00:02 – Sunday 28th September 15:28 – IMEI submitted to unlock server
    My phone is not unlocked
    and there is no response to e mail support

  12. Alex says:

    I’m waiting for unlock since september! No answer, no refund, no unlock.
    Don’t take my word for it, check it yourselves.
    iPhone 5C Sprint USA. 358542056713737.

  13. tony says:

    I needed to unlock my iPhone 4s so paid these guys $10 to check and see if the phone was blacklisted, the $35 order #2453196 and then another $58 for order #2456634. Today they asked for another $190 so I started looking on the internet and they are definitely a huge well organized scam. Their phone number +448432894084 is incorrect and does not work. They do not answer emails sent through their contact us box and, the check your order button is full of false information. I have heard allegations from others who were scammed that the owners behind this company are Kenyan and associated with the Russian mafia. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!





  15. Ashley says:

    DO NOT use Officialiphonesunlock website. I wanted to unlock an iphone 4s locked to orange in the UK. Paid 20 pounds to the website and got an email saying I would need to pay another £79 pounds to get it unlocked. Complete rip off. They are basically making alot of money for doing nothing at all. As most people will not pay the required money to unlock the phone.

  16. whiteink says:

    I paid a docomo 5c to unlock order GBP69.99 in October 17.
    after 6 days, they mailed me unable to unlock beause the carrier as In-Contract, they said ‘As a goodwill gesture, you have been refunded £69.99 (the total amount, including pre-order) in Trade Credits for this unsuccessful unlock. ’ but my card never get money back.

  17. Pharrell says:

    My iphone 4 is locked to meteor ireland and i am now in Nigeria. I paid 19.99pounds for pre-order and just 2days ago i got a mail from them saying unlock is now available for my phone and i should pay extra 30pounds to get it within 3-12 working days. i followed the link the their website to complete the payment and get the unlock but i didn’t see any anywhere on the page to do so. Now after reading your comments here,and kinda scared that i have lost the 19.99 pounds already. My iphone4 is still in the activation stage and find my iphone service is also on plus its in iOS7. Please somebody tell me if it can still be unlocked.

  18. Gleb Gl says:

    Possible fraud. If you are reading this, be very careful.

    I paid them a total of GBP 100 for unlock my iPhone 5 Sprint IMEI 990002256950666. Twice I paid £ 50. I’ve been waiting more than 10 days. Support service is not responding. Until now, no result. There are suggestions that this is fraud. Be careful. Do not repeat the mistakes of others. Do unlock or return the money! Or I’ll go to the police.

  19. Circe Teasdale says:

    No human contact, so don’t make mistakes in your application as they still take your money.

    No one ever gets back to you if you email them.

  20. Andy says:


    I paid to have iPhone 5 unlocked almost 3 weeks ago. Still nothing. They claim that the “1-5 day” window frame is just that, a window frame and they can’t guarantee anything. I can swallow that. What I can’t swallow is how they gave me that response 2 weeks ago and have responded to none of my 3 later request for information.

    They have my money and have given me no confidence that I will get anything in return. I would approach them with caution as they CANNOT deliver what they promise on their website.

    Be warned!

  21. David Wake says:

    Took my money. Did not unlock. Refuse to refund.

    This site advertised that it would be able to unlock my ATT iPhone 5 in “1 to 5 working days” for the fee of £47.33

    I sent the money. Waited 5 working days. Nothing happened.

    I sent them a message asking for the status. They reply that they can’t unlock my phone “because it’s in contract”. That’s like a restaurant saying that they can’t bring you the food you’ve paid for “because you’re hungry”.

    They refuse to refund my money, but promise that they will be able to complete the unlock (within a ***further*** 5 working days) if I send them a further £70(!!!!!)

    At this point I refuse to throw good money after bad.

    The site FAQ claims that “The buy now page will tell you if we can unlock your handset based on the information you provide.Certain network and iPhone combinations cannot be unlocked, we will tell you this before purchase. The device, iOS firmware version or modem firmware version isn’t important.”

    Clearly, this is not true. Avoid this site.

  22. Sinead says:

    I paid £19.99 to have my phone unlocked which I did online but I received an email 2 days later saying I had to pay a further £109! This was not mentioned at all when I paid the £19.99. Now it may well have mentioned it in the small print but as the banks have learned it is not acceptable to keep pertinent information from the customer. I did receive a refund when I called in.

  23. sam says:

    they stole my money. bad customer service and there is no refund…. that’s sucks
    they tell your unlock cost $33 US dollars and after paying them you get another email asking for $60 more …be care full people

  24. Ricky Harris says:

    Delivery is the worst!!!

    My order was made since August 4 and I’m still waiting on a response to the status of my order. Truly disappointed!

  25. Antonio says:

    Bad Service.
    i have paid for an iphone 5 unlock from sprint carrier, my friend gave it to me as birthday gift so i asked to him about the phone and he said me that was his phone in USA and that is locked to sprint but is not icloud blocked, not bad esn, not blacklisted or barred, etc and they sent me an email saying me the phone is barred/in contract and that there are NUMEROUS services such as cleancheckdotme which can be used to identify blocked/barred handsets but that they can unlock it with another way but I would have to pay more money (oh yeah!)
    i used a lot of diferent site to check esn, blacklist/barred, stolen and the result is not blacklisted, not barred, not in contract, not nothing, only locked to sprint as my friend told me, these are the NUMEROUS(not only one) service that i used to check my iphone
    imeiorg (paid service to check contract status)
    checkesnfree (sprint forums users and admins approve)
    etc. only locked to sprint but this guys want more money,
    apparently it’s not too much with what they charge.

    be very careful with these guys
    I sent them some email and pictures with proof and nothing, i’m still waiting

  26. Jose Luis says:

    Son unos estafadores

  27. John Ho says:

    Hi guys.i’m from china.they are always lying to you.i have paid GBP 19.99 for unlocking the iphone 5 with carrier KDDI(lock to japan) then 30 days has passed nothing happend.i contact them again and again in support page.always tell you to wait. The important thing i have to tell everyone is i have got refund but for them. the point is make a refusal of payment to you bank and tell you bank you want to get you money have been cheated for this site.and you bank needs some evidence to prove what you said.just snapshot picture about support page’s talk. you order and everything about it.then your bank will send this evidence to VISA or MASTER CARD or other international payment organization.then just wait probably for 60 days…that’s what i have done .and the money was back. thanks to bank! if you want.just do like me! i hope my article would gets help

  28. Hugo says:

    They’re scammers! A paid the pre-order (GBP 23.99) and after that the unlock for Softbank Japan(130,00 GBP). They told that the unlock was available, so i paid and now im waiting for almost a year.

  29. oleg says:

    I officially declare to you that it is a site of swindlers.

  30. AntonioV says:

    I preordered my iphone unlock for 20 pounds, after I paid I got a message saying that when my unlock is available I will be required to pay the remaining balance. Through the purchase process I did never see any of this info, it looked totally as if 20 pounds was the final price. When I asked the for a refund this is the answer I got “We cannot supply a refund for the Pre-Orders as there is cost associated with them that we cannot recoup.” I turns out that this info about preorders is at the very bottom of the FAQ section. I told this to Customer “Support” and they constantly ignored me and answered random things to the many emails I sent,. Besides that when I paid for my unlock the website stated “unlock will be available soon”. After one month and a half waiting I asked them for a refund again due to this new lack of transparency and coherence and this answer is all I got: “Its no ones fault it just the simple fact that there is no unlock available at this time, as soon as!
    there is we will be the first to know and we will notify you.”

    They have made me regret having used their “service” and now I will try to prevent others from being treated as I have been.

  31. pedro sanchez says:

    sorry correction I paid $60.91 american dollars to unlock iphone 5s AT&T USA on may 05/14 how much longer I need to wait until a call visa to get my money back??

  32. pedro sanchez says:

    well I paid $69 dollars to unlock my iphone 5s AT&T USA on may 05 how mach longer i need to wait until a call VISA to get my money back????

  33. Casey says:

    is the OFFICIALIPHONEUNLOCK really legit. there is number posted on the site and no picks up. you will always be second in the line. i waited for 35 mins.

    they are pure FAKE.

  34. Mido says:

    My iPhone locked to Rogers-Canda & I live in Egypt
    They offered to unlock my iPhone 4 16GB for £68.5
    But I’m still stuck in that my imei submitted to unlock server
    It is day four now
    All I wanna know a spasific timeframe
    Any help?

  35. Mohan Hegde says:

    Hi Dipin

    Are you sure they are legit ? I ordered an unlock with them for my AT&T phone. After waiting for a week, they wanted 90 pounds more bringing the total to 109 pounds. When I asked them, I don’t want to pay any more and initiated a charge back, they threaten me with Blacklisting IMEI number of my phone. Does a legitimate company behave this way ?


  36. Steven says:

    To my order for unlock to

  37. Steven says:

    Can you help me pls

  38. Awadh says:

    I ordered iphone5 unlock (Telenor – Sweden) in August to get in queue by paying GBP 19.99.
    Further they asked to pay rest by telling that Unlock is available now and I paid GBP 45.
    (Issue1: This was a lie to get more money from customers even though Unlock isn’t available)

    Nothing happened for next 3-4 weeks. No change in status order status either. Was showing “Supplier holidays” all the time.
    (Issue2: Missleading customers by putting wrong status)

    I repeatedly wrote in support column asking for clarification, never get any response.
    (Issue3: Worst customer support)

    I dialed UK support phone number and i just got irritating response that “Unlock server is Down”.
    They recommend me to wait for couple of weeks. I waited and then again wrote on support column on 12 nov.

    After that they apologize and told that now its submitted to unlock server, it will be unlocked in 3 days.
    (Issue4: Another lie)

    I thought, now it work as status changed to “IMEI submitted to unlock server”. I waited again for 1 week and wrote in support requesting status on 19-Nov. No one responded.
    I again dialed in UK support phone number. Same irritating response (without the explanation that if server was down why the hell you will submit my order to unlock server).
    (Issue4: Horrible customer support)

    I again wrote to support page and to their sales AND no response yet again. This is Worst experience I am having with these guys.
    Status showed that they again submitted to unlock server even though UNLOCK isn’t available at all.
    (Issue5: Another Lie)

    Now I asked for refund and then you all know what might happen.
    No response at all.

  39. Adam Daieh says:

    Do I need to jailbreak my phone to iphone factory unlock it?

  40. htuekhing says:

    how long did it take time to unlock japan softbank iphone

    • Adam says:

      First one was unlocked after about 3 months with my reminder to them and second one after 1 month. I was very patient, but never complained to them only asked kindly their support. My suggestion is, wait no longer than a month and then send them nice email. I wrote: “You should change time needed to unlock SB phones, but I understand it takes sometimes longer. However I will do very appreciate if you can take a look again and try to help me as I need a phone asap. PLEASE Sir.” (something like this)
      Being nice helped twice 🙂 I use now pre-paid cards in Holland, when I was in UK for holiday 2 weeks before, I inserted British one and all worked fine.
      Guys, I write about my own experience and I cannot be responsible for anything you encounter. I`m not associated with them either. Actually I`m still banned on their Facebook FP because I wrote stuff prior to unlock. You know what I mean. They have never unlocked me there, but I don`t care anymore.

    • Hey, if you are having any issues, please let me know.
      I talked to them and they are saying that they had an issue with SoftBank and only 16GB phones were unlocked. But, that issue is resolved now.

      • ravi says:

        i have iphone 4s locked to bell canada. i got it unlocked in delhi and used it with gavey sim.then i upgraded yje software to latest and phone no longer works can this website give your opinion

  41. Adam says:

    I thought too, they are scanners, but actually they did unlock my 2 Japanese SoftBank phones. Yesterday was unlocked another one after 1 month waiting.
    The way it worked for me was very strange. I was frustrated that first one didn’t get unlocked within 2-8 days they have on website. Then, I contacted support with kind words and…2 days Iater I received email with information about unlock and further procedure. The same story was with 2nd iPhone, but I asked kindly after a month and voila. I don’t need mobile routers anymore in Europe in order to use iPhones everywhere only as iPod. Now I have prepaid cards from routers inside both devices and I can make phone calls and surf the net. Besides, I connect to iTunes , do back ups, sync and all works so far.
    Good Luck guys. By the way, I paid 2 X £119,95, which was worth it. Cheaper than buying 2 my iPhones 4S models

  42. sam says:

    Hi, just wanted to say these guys are indeed legitimate. I ordered a pre unlock. Thats why it took so long. However they are genuine and able to unlock your device even if you are locked to a “non-common” service provider like me…
    So just ignore my comment above.

  43. meow says:

    how long did it take for them to unlock your AT&T phone?

  44. Lupin says:

    No wonder, AT&T is 6 hours unlock. But not for pre-order unlocks like Softbank Japan. They keep you waiting and then you lost your refund. That is why all good review mostly AT&T users.

    Basically how I think it works is they have sources within the various carriers that submits these IMEI’s to be unlocked. Now these sources come an go, so when they lose a source they have to negotiate with that carrier again to get another one. When they failed to deal with that carrier, they started scamming people.

    Even I called Softbank myself they refuse to unlock my phone. So, my conclusion is this site is NOT really really trustworthy for pre-order unlocks. And yes for AT&T so on.

    • Kamote says:

      Hi. I also have an iPhone 5 from Softbank. YOu think theyll unlock it?

      • SoftBank Japan is listed in their services. It costs from $19.99 to $49.99.
        Check it out.

      • Adi says:

        Guys, I have 2 iPhones 4S from Softbank. I cancelled my number because I moved to EU. In order to stay safe, I paid GBP120 to unlock my phone. It was on April 21st and my status said that my “IMEI submitted to unlock server” on April 22nd. Today is May 4th, but I still have my phone locked. Due to long holidays in Japan, I give them time to next week. It says on their website that it takes 2-8days.
        By the way, there was someone writing about asking his carrier in US for unlock and it was impossible, but those guys helped and a guy got unlocked. I hope I will have luck. I know Japanese for too long and sometimes I don`t want to believe it`s possible, but I took a risk.

  45. Hamzah says:

    hey i was wondering is this site really really trustworthy?

    • Hi Hamzah,
      I had unlocked my two iPhones using their service.

      • joe says:

        dont even try service they will scam you search one the internet you will find better site,,
        i have paid 150$ to unlock and i got nothing,,,don’t order from any site using credit card just pay by PayPal

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